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Saturday, August 28, 2010

digging a pool

In the course of life things never run smooth.
Monday brought rain which meant that they couldn't start digging our pool until Wednesday.
 Early Wednesday morning our pool guy turned up and started digging, hooray!
First sod turned.
Digging going smoothly...

...and then they struck sandstone, well we knew they would our whole area is sandstone with several quarries behind us, the question was how much sandstone?

The answer - lots!!!!
Their little jackhammer couldn't get through it.

So they did the top with the bobcat and......

... called in the big guns

to get this out

in action

and now the pool is dug and waiting for installation of the shell on Monday.
Let's pray that that goes according to plan!

The little ones watching all the action...
....from the roof of the motorbike - come- pool pump house shed!


  1. I bet you are excited. I sure would be if it was happening at our house.

  2. WOW! What a project! But how exciting!

    m ^..^


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