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Monday, August 30, 2010

burning off

This time of the year in late August farmers and property owners are burning off. 
They do it now because usually at the beginning of September fire restrictions will be in place, sometimes it will be earlier particularly if we have had a dry winter, this year we have had a fair bit of rain.
The reason they burn off is to get rid of debris- long grass fallen leaves etc. this is suppose to reduce the risk of a bush fire as it gets rid of the fuel.
These burns are short and quick and are not supposed to stress the trees too much. 
In areas where this isn't done the risk of a long burning bush fire over summer is said to be much greater, particularly if the fuel builds up over a number of years creating more for a bush fire to burn, the longer the fire burns for the worse the damage to the surrounding trees vegetation and animals.
There are some people who don't agree with this so it can be a controversial subject.
These are some photos taken by the boys when our neighbour was burning off the other day.

Where they started it, right across the road from us.

Following down the road.

The area after the fire has gone with some smoke still about.

The blackened paddock, as soon as we get a bit of rain this will burst to life with green shoots.

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