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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the pool goes in

It was a very exciting day yesterday as we watched our pool go in.

First they had to put pipe around and lay the base.

A last bit of sandstone had to be jackhammered out by hand.

The base is levelled and ready to go.

Lifting from the paddock with the excavator.

Getting over the hole.

Now its in the right position to be lowered.

Going down.

 Just checking it's in the right position.

Making sure its level.

Starting to fill it with water.

This was taken early this morning filled to the level the pool guy wanted it.

This is a pool light, one of 4 ready to light the pool at night.

Today they will finish the backfilling and getting it ready to pave and cement.


  1. I can imagine you have lots of volunteers to be first to test it out! It will look amazing with the lights on at night.

  2. can't wait to see the finished pictures Deanne. I would love to see a pool go in our back yard.

  3. Deanne

    Woohoo!!! Fantastic, you must be soo excited!!


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