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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

let play begin

This is our new play area on the veranda.
Always one for a bit of alliteration I thought maybe I should call it the Patio Playroom!

Here is the futon lounge that was a hand-me-down from Grandma and Grandpa.
I want a fitted navy sheet to go on here instead of the white- the stripy thing is a single quilt cover picked up at an op shop.
The car cushions we have had for years and if you look closely you may notice that they could do with a bit of mending- another holiday job!

These old suitcases house the electric car set, train set, B4 and B5's special things.

 Here is the $2 shelf in all its glory!

Some furry friends on the meter box- I wonder what the Country Energy guy will think when he comes to check the meter next?

There was an old nail on the wall perfect for this plane.

 Looking from the futon towards the front door.

Doesn't it look inviting?

B4, B5 and The Girl certainly think so!!!

I can see that this will be a fun place to play and will hopefully keep the clutter out of their bedroom!

(I think I will get B4 and B5 to draw some pictures on A3 paper to laminate and go above the lounge)

PS. B4 and B5 decided to sleep out here one night a couple of weeks ago- we thought they were mad and would last all of 5 minutes- but no they made it through the night, even in the freezing cold! 
It reminded me that my father and all his siblings slept on the veranda when they were young and if I remember the story rightly one of the bedrooms in the house housed all the wardrobes- an early version of a family closet?


  1. Deanne

    Love it, looks so inviting:)

  2. thanks, lots of play getting done here!

  3. Okay. We would love to play in an area like that. What a great space.

  4. Looks like it is a big hit! I love how you used the old suitcases for storage... very clever!


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