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Thursday, July 8, 2010

knitting nancy

I am really only a beginner knitter.
When I was a kid I remember doing knitting at school but was never very good at it and I certainly had no idea how to cast on or off, my mum was a good knitter- but my mum was good at all that sort of stuff, but not a good teacher - it was easier for her if she just did it. 
A couple of years ago I thought it would be a good idea if the children learnt to knit, so I enlisted the help of my MIL who is a very good knitter.
I thought I may as well have a go too.
I found I liked it, so invested in some wooden needles and some wool and knitted The Girl a scarf.
That year I knitted a few scarves. 
I liked to just sit and do it without having to think too much about it.

Last year I decided to knit a wrap.
I started out fine, bought the wool and cast on etc. 

I had actually knitted quite a bit when I realised that it would be too wide so I pulled it apart and started again with less stitches.
Well we didn't seem to quite get into knitting last year and I never got it finished. 
The other day when I sorted the knitting baskets out I thought I would finish off the thing. 

 It had to be 112cm long and then I cast off.

 The idea is simple you simply twist it and then sew the ends together to make your wrap.

It looks lovely on, B3 took this photo before I wore it to town the other day.
I still have a hank of wool left so thought I might make something for The Girl- a scarf of wrap of her own maybe?

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