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Monday, June 21, 2010

girly stuff

 Here is The Girl in her little French dress at Church.

Notice her new short bob.
I have been growing out her fringe and it was finally long enough for me to cut her hair into a short bob and now that it is all the same length I will let her hair grow long.

On Saturday The Girl and I stayed at home with B3 and B4 who were still recovering from a bad cold while VCH took the others to soccer.

I decided to tackle The Girl's room which needed a good tidy up and declutter.
This led to a major declutter and clean as we washed walls, shelves etc. and rearranged her room.

Her bed was moved to the other wall and now has the chair and her dirty clothes basket beside it.

Her little table and chairs are now under the window and 

The dolls cradle is at the end of her bed. 
I have earmarked this for a coat of white paint in the school holidays.
It looks so fresh and clean.

Next job the little boys room. 
I am putting this off for as long as I can but want it done before the school holidays as I have lots of plans for sewing and painting in the holidays so all cleaning needs to be done!!


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