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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy little crafty boy

On Friday I went into town a little early in order to do some op shopping- I was actually looking for some spoons but instead found this desk with shelves for $10.
Just perfect for my crafty B4.
VCH very kindly picked it up and brought it home- B4 was delighted.
He wanted to paint it all red- his favourite colour. 
I told him he could paint the shelves and desk top red. 
The desk top had a little water damage so he set about sanding them.

When VCH came home from soccer he helped B4 paint them red.

By that evening he had his table in place on the front veranda, with his crafting stuff in place.

One happy little crafty boy with his own craft centre!
 I won't show you the pile of boxes and other junk that is to the right of the photo waiting to be turned into something amazing!

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