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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

winter dresses for the girl

Most of The Girl's clothes are hand-me-downs from older cousins, and while I have just given away a heap of winter clothes in size 3 to another friend because there really was more than enough for 2 girls, there was also a distinct lack of winter dresses for her to wear to Church.
I remember coming across a t-shirt dress idea in my sewing files and Target had long sleeved t-shirts on sale for $4 so I bought a few. 
I had the fabric in my stash and had been wondering what to do with the Paris travel one, I think I bought it to make some long pants for The Girl last year but then couldn't cut into it for that. 
I decided it would be much nicer as a dress.
It make it is quite easy.
You simply cut the t-shirt a little below waist height.
Taking your skirt fabric join it as if making a simple skirt. 
Attach the top of the skirt to the bottom of the t-shirt and hem. 
I found that I could easily stretch the t-shirt to the fabric to attach it but if you had a fuller skirt you may have to pre-gather or gather as you sew.

I took a small piece of fabric and appliqued it to the top for a little extra detail.
My sister bought her back a cute little pink beret from Paris when she was there late last year that looks so cute with this dress, but it is a tad too small!
I wonder of you can stretch a woollen beret?

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