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Monday, April 19, 2010

middle eastern roast lamb

Every year we have a Passover meal on the Thursday before Easter. 
I think the first year we did it involved some hastily defrosted lamb chops and red cordial- it was very last minute. 
Over time and as the children have got older it has become a really family tradition, we have added in elements as we have learnt about them and incorporated them into our meal. 
B1 says it is his favourite celebration. 

I found this recipe in a small Jewish cookbook I purchased at the supermarket checkout about 8 or 9 years ago. 
I have adapted it and only use half the spices and where they use a boned shoulder I just use a leg.
The version below is my adaptation, if you want it spicier double the amount of spices

Middle Eastern Roast Lamb
1/3 C oil
2 cloves garlic
pinch cayenne pepper
2t ground cumin
1t ground coriander
1t cinnamon
1t paprika
2t finely grated lemon rind
1/4 C lemon juice
roast lamb big enough for your family
8 small brown onions halved
extra olive oil
2 bay leaves

1. Mix the oil, garlic, spices, rind and juice in a bowl
2. Rub onto the lamb
3. Place onions in bottom of roasting dish and place lamb on top
4. Put bay leaves in tray and pour 1 1/2 cups water into dish
5. Place in the oven 190C until lamb cooked to your liking
6. Top up water as necessary.
7. Prepare and cook roast vegetables of choice- we usually have potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot
8. When cooked remove lamb and set aside to rest
9. Put onions in with roasted vegetables to brown them up
10. Use the juices to make the gravy- the spices make this the tastiest gravy ever!

The lamb is beautifully tender and juicy.

Crispy roast vegetables

Waiting for Passover to begin.

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