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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

veranda school

The veranda is really the hub of our home, we use it constantly.
This is typical of a school day where the children choose to do their work on the veranda.
Here B3, B4 and The Girl are all working, B5 is behind The Girl - so you can't really see him.

B1 has brought out the laptop and is doing his work.
The only one not on the veranda working is B2- he was inside at the computer.
 We also eat morning tea out here and then do our read aloud while everyone finds somewhere comfortable to sit and listen.
It is always a pleasant place to be- except when it is raining of course.

When The Girl saw the camera she insisted I take a photo of her "schoolwork".


  1. Lovely to have a spot like that Deanne, it looks very pleasant.
    Did you end up tidying your bookshelves? Bookshelf overflow seems to be an ongoing problem as the home library expands....


  2. Thanks Karen,
    I started today and are probably 75% done- I just need to find a spot for those easy chapter books and tidy the other stuff that ends up in the bookshelf and I am done!


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