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Saturday, May 15, 2010

mother's day

I was thoroughly spoilt on Mother's Day.
On Saturday night VCH surprised me with dinner out.
We drove into town and he pulled up or parked at just about every restaurant in town and asked us what the name of it was and then would exclaim "No, that's not it!" and would drive on. Finally we arrived at our destination.
We enjoyed a lovely meal and the meals were very generous, so we know not to order bread and antipasto platters beforehand next time!
Sunday morning saw them cook me breakfast- bacon and eggs before heading off to church. 
After church we headed off on an adventure to destinations unknown with our picnic lunch.
We ended up at the beautiful little creek pictured above. 
The children had fun playing in the creek and exploring.

While I sat under the tree and enjoyed nature and my book.

It was a lovely afternoon and then we headed home by an unknown route along dirt roads and large properties.
VCH thought we should have taken a photo of the very large bull who absolutely refused to move off the road, no matter what we did- luckily there was room to drive off the road and around it!

 We did however get a photo of this white peahen out the front of someone's property.
I also got some very sweet homemade gifts from B1, B4, B5. 
B4 also made a pass-the-parcel game which we played at the picnic- he is such a sweet thoughtful boy!

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