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Thursday, March 4, 2010

sad news

Just to let you know that we arrived back from our lovely beach holiday safe and sound, but with sadness in our hearts as we knew my mum was dying and hadn't long to live.

My mum really has been going down hill since my aunt (her SIL) died in September last year, but it has been much more noticeable since Christmas.
It is amazing to see the Lord's timimg in all of this.
The children were all able to say goodbye to their Nanna.
It was a blessing that VCH was home on holidays and was able to look after the children while I spent time by my mother's bedside.
She died on Wednesday morning and we had her funeral last Friday on what was my parent's wedding anniversary (my father died 30 years ago).

We included some special touches to commemorate this, including this porcelain bride doll that my mother made out of her actual wedding dress and is a copy of her gown.
She had frangipanis in her bouquet so we included them in the wreath.
The funeral was lovely and we had such peace in our hearts, that she was out of her pain and suffering.

I have a heap of things to share with you - our holiday, little projects that VCH has been working on for me, and a couple of little projects of my own.

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