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Sunday, February 14, 2010

our little valentine is 3

 Our sweet little baby girl is no longer a baby she is three today!
Three years ago God sent us a very special Valentine's Day present in the form of our very beautiful daughter, after our five delightful sons.
She was a surprise present arriving 6 weeks early!

 Here is our little girl, as a tiny, tiny, 6 week premmie having a bath.

Here she is home from hospital.
Do you like the bright pink nappy?
It's a face washer!

Starting to put on some weight

Her baptism, the gown is a family heirloom and is now 100years old.
I have been given the privilege of being the keeper of this gown for the next generations of our family.

5 months old
The next 18 months are on our other computer so...
fast forward to 2009 

A little girl who loves babies...
...loves dressing up passionate about climbing and swinging

...loves ice cream like her mother

...enjoys the beach

....its cold Mum!

Now 2010

"Mum take a photo of me in the sand"

"Look Mum take a photo of me in this hat!"

She's certainly not camera shy!
Happy 3rd Birthday our sweet gorgeous girl,
You will always be our Valentine's Day Rose!

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