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Thursday, March 18, 2010

making books with children

I enjoy making books with the children.
This is something that I am challenging myself to do more often this year with the 3 younger ones.
B4 especially likes making books particularly The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 
He has made several copies, in the last one he even included the staggered pages and the holes.
I will do a post about this another time.

Here are two recent books made by B4 and myself.
These are based on sight words he is learning.
 We work out a story together, mainly him- I just help with grammar and sentence structure.

In these versions I typed the text onto the computer, he chose some clip art to fit and then we printed, cut and pasted it onto each page. 

Finally I "bound" each book by sewing it on the overlocker (serger).

He then has made his own reader.

Some other ideas for fun books we have made in the past are to take a familiar book or song and change it.
"I like cars" became "I like boats"
"Ten in the bed" became "Five on a swing"
We also adapted Eric Carle's book "Today is Monday" to the foods we eat as a family.
Of course have also made some books out of stories the children have written or dictated.

So now I have written about it I am keen to make some more books.
I think B5 and The Girl would love to make some books with me.

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