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Monday, March 22, 2010

a ranger's apprentice party

Our boys and their friends all love the Ranger's Apprentice books by John Flanagan.
B2 chose to have a Ranger's Apprentice Party for his 13th Birthday.

It started with a medieval style fair.
Each child was handed a purse with gold coins in it on arrival.
Games cost 1 gold coin and if they won they got 2 coins.
Games included:

Bobbing for apples
 and a cup and ball game.

After the fair came the archery competition.

Then the feast with B2 in the seat of honour
Food included meat pasties, chicken legs, potatoes, roast carrots, boiled eggs, bread, cheese, grapes, apples and pears.
Dessert was apple turnovers with honey cinnamon cream and custard tarts.
They drank apple cider (apple juice) red wine (grape juice), and ale (dry ginger ale).

I op shopped for the mugs, wine goblets and a lot of the serving platters (I found lots of leaf designs to go with the rangers Oak Leaf theme) as well as using stuff I already had.

 After dinner the rangers and friends sat around the camp fire and toasted marshmallows and drank Will's favourite Coffee with Honey (hot chocolate with honey and a dash of decaf coffee).

 The cake was a Ranger's log cabin.

I think I am finally getting the hang of this cake decorating thing.

 B2 blowing out the candles.

The party went off without a hitch, almost- the Bush Fire brigade showed up less than 2 hours before the party to burn off the next door neighbour's paddock that adjoins our property, with smoke in the air the party guests arrived, the table had to be reset after I shook the ash off the white table cloth twice and a dead tree that was burning just near the fence, collapsed during the party and caused great excitement, we told the kids it was all part of the show. 
It was a wonderful party and I think the guests had a good time.


  1. The guests did have a good time. Thank you:)

  2. what a marvellous party. The cake looks great too. My son who is 15 loves the Ranger's Apprentice series too. I read them all as well... either before I gave them to him or afterwards

  3. They are great books, we have a fight in our house too as to who will get first read. They are counting down to November when the next one comes out!


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