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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

healthy eating

I am trying to be a bit more health conscience and eat healthier.
Some how I have managed to get quite slack in the last couple of years.
So in order to try to have more energy and feel healthier I am changing my diet.

A high protein breakfast is on the menu:
Some of my breakfast meals are as follows:
Cheese omelette (variation with tomatoes)
Steak and egg
Steak and mushrooms
( I have bought sizzle steak and packed it and frozen it separately so I can just take out one for brekkie, because it is so thin it cooks without need of thawing.)
High protein smoothie (add egg)
Bacon and eggs on special occasions
This gets my day off to a good start and I feel full of energy for the morning.

Morning tea:
Fruit and some nuts
Homemade dip (cream cheese and herbs from the garden) with vege sticks
Popcorn and fruit
Trying to avoid cake if the kids make some or just a very small piece!

I am using 4 seed loaf and making a salad sandwich with tinned fish (tuna, salmon, sardine)

Afternoon Tea:
Fruit or
a few nuts

Usually meat with veges or salad

I am also trying to drink lots of water.
I love water and it is my main drink but I don't drink enough so I have been filling a 2L jug with water and either mint leaves or lemon peel and putting it into the fridge and constantly drinking it.
It is so refreshing and I know I feel better for it!

The above photo is a novel way to present morning tea.
In the Texas muffin pan is
Cut apple
Macadamia nuts
Sun dried sultanas
Dried pineapple

The kids love it when I set out morning tea like this.

I have noticed a big change in the amount of energy I have and my digestion is much better as well.

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