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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

camping weekend

We went to a place known as The Gorge on the weekend.
It is on a private property, the owner allows people to come for day trips, camping and has a 2 bedroom brick and stone cottage known as The Shack where people can stay as well.
We went with people from our church. 
It was a fabulous time of socialising and bonding.
Getting to know each other better around the camp fire or over a meal.
And worshipping the Lord in his magnificent creation.
The kids had a ball.
The weather was not great, but we had the Shack to hang out in with great verandas, and a big covered outdoor area.

This is the river on the way up to the waterfall.
The river is a little higher than usual and flowing faster due to all the recent rain we have had.

The waterfall was in full force.

The kids in the ute off to the river.
The view from our tent, down to the river and over to the steep mountain on the other side, shrouded in some mist.

Cooking breakfast at the tent.

The Girl sporting the one injury of the weekend.
B4 threw a rock down and it ricocheted off another rock and hit his sister in the face.
Luckily we had 3 doctors and a nurse with us to fix her up.

We are all looking forward to our next Church camp, as well as thinking about getting back into some more camping now the kids are all a little older.

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