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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ladybird ladybird fly away home....

ladybird, ladybird fly away home....

This week the two little ones have been learning about "l" and so of course we had to have a nature walk to find some ladybirds. 
We didn't have to go far, just out the back door we found our first.

Then later in the day B3 and B4 did some work on ladybirds too, as we have started reading the Wonderland of Nature and the activity this week also happened to be on ladybirds.
They spent quite a long time after schoolwork looking for ladybirds in our vegetable patches and collected quite a few to look at before letting them go later. 

They found a couple of different species and some aphids that the ladybirds were eating.
I was requested to come and take photos with my new camera. 
I was impressed with the one at the top of the post.
We found out that there is one species of ladybird that eats leaves- it has 28 spots on its back, but all the rest are good friends in the garden.

Today was cooking day for the little ones so we made some ladybird cakes to eat for morning tea.
Complete with red raspberry icing, licorice and choc bit spots. 
I tried to get them to put 5 spots on because we are also looking at the number 5 but that didn't quite happen to The Girl's ones.

Why do we always have red ladybirds in pictures etc.?
I have never seen a real red ladybird they are always an orange colour, or is it just Australian ladybirds that are orange?

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  1. Those cakes look so yummy,I bet the children enjoyed them.


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