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Saturday, February 6, 2010

we're off

We are off on our 2 week holiday to the beach.

I won't have internet so you won't be hearing from me.
I will take lots of photos and share our stories on our return.
I have scheduled a couple of posts while I am away and hopefully they will work.
I have found a couple of times lately I have scheduled posts and they come up as scheduled and then I find they haven't posted, upon investigation they have somehow turned back into drafts- computers they have a mind of there own sometimes!


  1. Have a wonderful time Deanne. Do you have some holiday stitching/crafting/knitting of your own planned?

  2. Thanks Karen,
    I am planning on lots of reading, a big pile of fiction is packed!
    I was thinking of making some felt food, but I haven't got around to organising it.


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