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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sewing cupboard

I have finally done it, yes cleaned out my sewing cupboard. I should have taken a before shot but I forgot.

I put some baskets that I had cleared of their contents from other parts of the house to good use.
This will hopefully help keep the cupboard tidier and make things easier to get to.

The basket on the left has some sheets and other large pieces in it waiting for me to use on my directors chair covers- I keep procrastinating on them.

The green sheet was my favaourite tablecloth (I can't buy a tablecloth big enough for my table so I use a thrifted double bed sheet), anyway it got caught on something and ripped.
I think I might make it into some place mats and napkins- one day!

The right hand basket has wadding, stuffing and raffia in it and some felted jumpers waiting to be used.
You may also notice the slide out tray- this used to be my computer cupboard until we did our extension and put in the study.

This is the top half with the children's sewing boxes, patterns and cottons, elastic and trims.

Here is a close up of some of my cottons in their bottles.
I got the bottles from a cheap shop and sorted the cotton by colour, the cotton came from my mum when she moved into the aged care facility.
I don't think I will ever have to buy cotton again!

This is the third part of the cupboard.
It has fabric waiting to be made into something in the top shelf.
The next shelf with the blue box holds unwanted clothes and pillowcases waiting to be repurposed.

The first drawer holds little bits and pieces for use as trims or pockets
The second drawer is the silk painting supplies and in the third drawer are larger pieces of felt.
The two baskets hold plain fabrics and fabric I bought to make aprons to sell at the markets that I still haven't made.
The pile on the side is panne velvet for cloaks and dress-ups.

So there it is all clean and tidy,
Now I just have to clean the stuff off my dining room table that didn't make it back into the cupboard.

The little boys room is the only one left on the declutter list- can you tell I have been putting it off-?
I am not looking forward to it at all.
B4 and B5 are terrible hoarders and it is scary as to what I might find in there!
Nor do I want the tears and tantrums (mine and theirs) to try and get it done.
But tomorrow is another day!

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