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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As today is Australia Day I thought I would cook some of our national dishes if Australia truly has national dishes - we are such a multi-cultural nation.
So today I made lamingtons with B3.
First I made a sponge, using this recipe for sponge cake in a large rectangular pan, in Australia these are known as lamington tins.
Because I was a little slow off the mark- I actually was supposed to cook the sponge yesterday, because a fresh sponge is too soft and crumbly, I cheated and put the sponge in the freezer for a couple of hours.
Then I cut it into rectangles, I put these back in the freezer while I made the icing.

1 x day old sponge cut into rectangles
Chocolate icing
250g icing sugar
1/4 C desiccated coconut
10g butter
1/4 C milk

Sift icing sugar (I used mixture) and cocoa into a heat proof bowl or top of double saucepan. Add softened butter and milk. Mix well. Stand over hot water and stir until butter is melted and icing is a good coating consistency.
Take your sponge squares and dip them first in the icing then roll in coconut, place on a wire rack to dry.

This is really a job for two people, one for the chocolate and one for the coconut..
My recipe says to use a 2 pronged fork for dipping in the icing and I usually do this, but with my fresh sponge I wasn't taking a risk so I just used my hand. I think this worked better even if it was a little messier- but I did enjoy licking my fingers when I was finished!
When the lamington is cut you can see how the icing has soaked in slightly and the sponge in the middle.
I am making damper for tea and Aussie kangaroo burgers with this beetroot salad.

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