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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

crafting around with sam the man

B4 is our very special craft boy.
He gets all sorts of bits and pieces and turns them into the most amazing things.
Just out of his imagination- he seems to be able to see how something should go together and then do it.
Just today he has made a jet plane with a launcher out of matchsticks, the plastic cover off an old display book and a piece of elastic- all with the help of his trusty glue gun.
I won't spoil his thunder by posting the pictures here, but I am sure it will feature in one of his posts very soon, on his brand new craft blog.
He has been nagging me for a blog for some time, since his big brothers all have one- so a craft blog seemed the perfect choice for him.
Please go over and check it out here- its is just in its early stages so not many posts so far but many more are in the pipeline- a good thing I have been taking photos of his inventions for some time.

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