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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

australia day

We had a quiet Australia Day, just hanging around our house.
We did however eat some typical Australian food.
I was thinking of what is typical Australian food.
This is the list of food I came up with, although I know people in other countries enjoy some of these foods and that though they did not necessarily originate here these are foods we class as our own.
I also found some interesting foods on Wikipedia that I was unaware of as being ours, I will mark these*

Anzac Biscuits

*Vanilla slice
*Fairy Bread
(bread with butter and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands- typically at birthday parties)

Tim tams (chocolate coated biscuit)
Weet Bix (breakfast cereal)
Vegemite (black yeast spread for toast)

Damper with Golden syrup
Meat pies and sauce or with mushy peas
Aussie style burgers with beetroot and pineapple
BBQs particulary a sausage sizzle
*Chiko rolls (take-away style large spring roll)
Macadamia Nuts
*Musk sticks
*Cherry Ripe
*Violet Crumble
(these last 4 are confectionery)

Kangaroo Meat
(this is very low in fat and tasty and is slowly regaining popularity, was traditionally eaten by Aborigines and early European settlers)

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