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Saturday, January 30, 2010

check this out if you haven't already

Don't forget to check out the latest on crafting around with sam the man.

Why not send your kids over - he would be very happy for anyone to leave a comment.
I saw a little quote on someone's blog the other day that I thought was nice.

"Don't forget to comment. A comment is like payment for the time taken to post"

I have been trying to leave comments on people's blogs more lately and now that I have seen that I will take it to heart and try to do even more.
I know when you are blogging you appreciate comments because then you know that not only is someone reading what you write but they are enjoying it as well.


  1. I only comment anonymously, don't have a google account and won't leave my email address, so limits the blogs I will comment on. Just a personal privacy principle. I understand that a blogger needs to protect themselves too, that's OK.

  2. Thanks Karen,
    I really appreciate your comments on my blog.


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your kind words.