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Friday, January 29, 2010

lists, lists, lists

We are going on holidays on the 7th February to this house for 2 weeks.
What Bliss!
It only looks small but has 4 bedrooms and we will actually have a spare bed!
It backs onto the beach- notice the track in the background over the dunes and onto the beach.
We will be taking our boat, so there will be lots of fishing and boating fun in the river as well as beach fun.
In the meantime I am busy with lists.
Lists of clothes we will need, towels, linen, toiletries, toys, books, games, beach equipment, first aid etc.
Lists of meals we will eat.
Lists of food we need.
Lists of stuff to cook before we go - cakes and biscuits.
Lists of things I need to buy, zinc cream, long swim shirt for B3 etc.
Two birthdays at the beach too, mine and The Girl's, so presents will need to be wrapped and packed, birthday cakes organised, I better add that to a list as well.
So I am feeling rather listed out, but hopefully it will keep me organised.


  1. Looks like the same house my brother and family holiday in, with a granny flat at the back.
    Hope you have a great time. We're list making and map tracking for our holiday too.

  2. Yes it probably is.
    Where are you off too?

  3. Off to Phillip Is, via Sydney, Canberra. Maybe the Great Ocean Road and home inland via Dubbo. Lots of friends and reles to visit on the way too. Find suitable accommodation along the way is bit of a challenge.

  4. Sounds like the trip we did 9 years ago in reverse, except we also went to SA.
    Yes finding accommodation for a large family isn't easy. We only had 3 children then so it wasn't so bad, but I often wonder what it would be like if we did it now!

  5. And some places can't accommodate the family vehicle (height-wise etc) even if WE can configure ourselves. It should be a great time, but I also think we'll be pleased when we return home.

  6. It is a lovely trip, when do you go?


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