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Monday, October 19, 2009

getting in the mood

This term and next we will be looking at Oceanography for science.
What better way to get all geared up than a movie and a trip to the beach.

Friday night we watched 20000 Leagues Under the Sea on the big screen.
Running the movie through a data projector and laptop onto a projector screen in our own lounge room.
For tea nothing could have been more appropriate than calamari and chips.

Saturday afternoon saw us adventuring to some local rock pools at low tide to investigate and get excited about our unit.

The Girl found her own baby rock pool and thought she would fill it with the little molluscs out of the bigger pool in which she is standing- poor things!

My very own rock lobsters crawling about the rocks.

A boy and his net.

Sharing a discovery....

.... a dead gummy shark.

A pool just the right size for a little dip.

Lots more visits to these rock pools planned for the near future.

Look out for some more posts on parts 2 and 3 of this adventure.

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