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Monday, October 19, 2009

bush fire season

This is a bushfire burning at one of our local beaches, we could see this on our way to the beach on Saturday.
The beach is virtually next door to the beach we visited but to go by road would take about an hour or so to drive from this beach to the other.
Friday afternoon saw our place covered in smoke, it was from this fire many kms from our home.
There have been many fires around and we saw much evidence of this on the way to the beach with areas of the landscape bearing scars of a recent fire- some logs were still smoking.
We are hearing and seeing the water helicopters flying overhead constantly the last few days.
We have been fortunate not to have had any serious bushfires for a few years, but it looks like this might be a year for some very nasty fires in our area.
Praying that homes and lives will be spared, and we get some decent rainfall to help moisten the dry forest floor.

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