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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i love you vch

Twenty years ago VCH and I married on 23rd September 1989, in the town we grew up in, in the church I went to as a child and we now attend (we lived away and moved back 13 years ago).

We were so young and in love!
Now we are a bit older and still very much in love!
He is my hero, in so many ways!

We celebrated by having a weekend away without the children!
They went and stayed with VCH's dad (Poppy)and VCH's brother and SIL -they had a lovely time - even The Girl who we were worried about behaved herself.
We went and stayed at a resort about 40 minutes away up the coast!

When you have some of the most beautiful beaches close by why travel?
It was a package deal that included dinner and breakfast in the restaurant, room with a spa and some super yummy pamper things for the spa.
(the sarong VCH is wearing was part of the spa pack)

It was great fun.
Although we kept feeling we were missing something or rather 6 things!

This is a self portrait taken on Saturday when we went for a bit of a look around before check-in.

Thank you VCH for 20 wonderful years and 6 fabulous children, I look forward to the rest of our lives together.


  1. Congratulations Deanne and VCH!
    20 good years. We'll celebrate out 20th next year.
    Love the beach photo, nice shot.
    So pleased you were able to have away together.


  2. Thanks Karen, it was a lovely time!


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