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Thursday, September 10, 2009

a day at the river

These are photos of the lovely day we had out for Father's Day.
We took the boat down to one of our local beaches and launched it in the river that spills into the ocean there.
We had a lovely day taking trips up and down the river with the kids and Poppy (VCH's Dad).

We fished,

sat on the beach and read (me),
played in the sand

played in the water and swam

caught soldier crabs,

ate sandwiches, chips and chocolate cake.

Then at the end of the day we packed up, put the boat onto the trailer and Poppy shouted us an icy pole at the shop, before we headed home with the sun going down.

This is the Girl with a soldier crab.
She is such a funny thing at home she is absolutely petrified of a plastic lizard and even once a piece of string, but was quite happy to pick up a live wriggly crab and play with it. Go Figure!!

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