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Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 minute skirt

I had heaps of fabric left over after my pants fiasco, so I asked the girl if she wanted a dress or a skirt.
"A skirt, Mama," she replied.
So I measured her length (waist to just below the knee) and around her waist and whipped up this skirt in less that 10 minutes.
This is how I did it.

Her length was 33cm so I added a few centimetres for the waist and hem, I made it 40cm which was quite generous.
Then I made the width one and a half times her waist which was 49cm so I made it out 75cm (if you want a fuller skirt you could double it)
I ended up with a rectangle of fabric as above.

I simply joined the fabric wrong sides together and ran around the top and bottom with the over locker, if you don't have an over locker simply fold over the edges twice when you hem it to hide the raw edge.

I then ironed the bottom edge up enough for a hem about 1cm and the top down with enough room for elastic about 2-3cm depending on the width of the elastic.

I hemmed the bottom and then sewed the top starting about 2cm either side of the seam so you have a gap to put the elastic in.

Then with a safety pin attached to the elastic I pushed it through the opening and then sewed the two ends of the elastic together and then sewed the opening shut.
Voila a skirt for the girl!
She loves it and hasn't taken it off since.

This is only the second skirt I have ever made the last one was a dress up skirt for The Girl for Christmas that went with her cape and crown.
They are so easy I think I will make some more!

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  1. This looks easy peasy. Thanks so much for all your inspiration here. ~ Abby


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