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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

spring has sprung

Here we are in the middle of a winter unit with my little ones and it is getting very warm. Although technically it is still winter for another week.
It is getting very warm here.
35C/ 92.7F +

The kids were in the pool and the airconditioning up full blast in the car on the way into town for soccer training.
B1 has just informed me that it is 25C/78.9F outside at the moment which is 7am here.
Summer PJ's were the go last night and the sliding door onto the veranda from our bedroom stayed open all night.
It is supposed to be slightly cooler today a top of 31C.
These are our normal/average summer temperatures here.

So here are B2 and B3 in the pool on a winters day!
(I have been well informed by B1 and VCH that the water is freezing- I think I will wait a little while before I have my first swim!)

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