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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One of my goals this term was to consistently knit after morning tea and before our read aloud time.
Here is the proof we have managed to do it.

Not everyday but fairly often.
I have been knitting a wrap for myself and I said to the kids the other day that I can't see that I will get to wear it this year as it is getting too warm.
To be fair I had done a heap of it and then undid it all and recast it on with less stitches because it was too wide.

B2 above is knitting a scarf. He knows how to do all sorts of amazing stitches and can even knit with 3 needles thanks to Grandma teaching him last year.
But he has actually not made anything, so my goal is to get him to actually complete something useful.
B3 is also knitting a scarf, and B1 (hiding in the hoodie) is knitting a grey wool chain mail. He is my most reluctant knitter and always gave up quickly last year. So this year I gave him big needles and thin wool and set him to knitting something that looked like chain mail.

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