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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more funky denim

Once you get stared on this re-purposing thing you just can't stop!
I find I am now looking at anything I am about to toss to see what I can turn it into first before sending it off to the Op Shop.
Today I was going through The Girl's summer clothes.
We are very fortunate to get some lovely hand-me-downs from her girl cousins and some other friends, and as she is quite petite, size one skirts are still fitting her as well as the size 2's. So I found myself with about 6 denim skirts that would fit her.
"How many Denim Skirts can one little girl wear?" I asked myself.
I had the idea of turning a couple of them into bags.
One had a tie that was perfect to make a strap.
All I had to do was sew the bottom shut.
I zigzagged in the same colour thread through the double seam at the bottom and sewed the strap together by hand and attached a cute apple button from my stash (or should I say my Mum's stash that I inherited when she moved).

Too cute!
I have another one ready to sew but I think I am going to have to hand sew it- have I told you how much I hate hand sewing !!
Then I need to make a strap, I will just have to look through my sewing cupboard to see what I can find.
I am also working on a giant jeans pillow out of VCH old jeans. But I need more stuffing.

So watch out don't come near me in anything denim or you might go home with a new pillow or bag and a towel around your waist! LOL

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