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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my favourite things: toaster

The above toaster is my latest kitchen friend.
I have been looking for the last twelve months or so for kitchen equipment that lasts, has long warranties or can be fixed when it breaks rather than thrown away.
As we use our toaster everyday I think it is worthwhile to buy something that is going to last rather than have to constantly replace it.
I am sick of putting up with toasters that do not cook properly- the last toaster we bought drove me insane as you would have to press it down twice to get it to cook the bread and then watch the second time that it didn't burn, or toasters that last 6 -12 months and then die.
We have been using since February a toaster that we got from Paul's uncle, a little two slice toaster. It obviously couldn't stand up to the rigours of a family of eight and died last week.
A few days of cooking toast under the grill was not very successful so I went back to the internet and compared the two brands I was thinking about- this one won.
It is a Sunbeam Cafe Series 4 slice toaster.
It has a 5 year warranty on the elements and they are replaceable.
Yes it is more expensive than the average toaster but it will last me at the bare minimum 5 years, so it will actually work out cheaper in the long term.
It also has a lovely crumpet feature that we tried the other day.
I don't get crumpets too often as they contain the preservative 282.
It cooks the crumpets to perfection with the top brown and the bottom not burnt.
They were a lovely breakfast treat smothered in butter and honey.

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