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Thursday, August 13, 2009

garden names

(this was two weeks ago)
In my favourite home mag I saw how to make your child's name in the garden with seeds.
I thought it would be fun to do with my little ones, I ended up having enough room to do all the children's names.
I had a garden bed in the yard that was just waiting to be filled.
Excess soil from the dingo went into it so it was just ripe for being planted out.
I followed the instructions in the book, they used propagating sand to make the outline of the name and then fill it with seeds that had been soaked. I made the name with a stick first and then filled it with the propagating sand.
Then I put in rye grass seeds
( I had soaked some as they suggested but found that it was too hard to plant so I ended up using dry seeds)
I used rye grass for 3 reasons
1. VCH sells them at his work
2. They are a winter grass so it is a good time to grow them.
3.I knew they would grow quickly.

I also put other seeds of different sorts around them, these are flower seeds and they are just starting to come up now. I also planted some viola seedlings for a border, but I need to get some more.
When I was doing it I thought next time I might try my hand at a Bible Verse or short poem.

(this was yesterday)

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