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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

winter table

This is our winter seasons table, I have kept it deliberately bare to reflect the nature of the season, although here on the North Coast of NSW winter doesn't look like this at all. We still have veges is the garden (silverbeet, cauliflower, broccoli, shallots, lettuce and herbs etc.). Our lawn is still green, probably due to all the rain we have had. Winter is usually our dry season, with a lack of serious frosts so far this season, although coming to the end of July and into August I am sure we will get some soon.
I have found that I lack many seasonal books, I picked this one up at an Op shop, prior to that it was a library book. I found two other winter books on my shelves since, but as they all have snow they seem really irrelevant to us. My children have never seen snow, nor do I think VCH has either.
I had the wonderful experience of living in Inverell during my senior school years and experiencing their one in 20 year snow. It was very exciting! It started snowing while I was at school one day. It snowed quite heavily that night but rain washed most of it away, so by morning it was only around the edges of the yard. Some of my friends who lived out of town were snow bound for a couple of days and spent the time making snowmen and having snow fights! How I would have loved to have been them. We travelled out of town some distance in the afternoon and found a spot where they were making snowmen and having snowfights. Not being familiar with the nature of snow we found it difficult to try and make snowmen or even make snowballs for a snow fight.
So after my ramble does anyone know of any Australian books on winter? Maybe I should write one, I can see it now "On a cold and frosty morning".

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