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Thursday, July 23, 2009

one shirt turns into two hats and two pair pants

This is a photo of some of the things was doing yesterday. Out of one long sleeved ladies skivvy I managed to make a pair of size 4 long pants (using the sleeves and the top part of the shirt) a size 0 pair of pants amd two winter hats.

I was very impressed with myself. I also repurposed two other shirts. I managed to make 3x size 4 pants, a pair of shorts for summer for The Girl, 2x size 0 pants and 4 hats. I still have a bit of fabric left over from one of the shirts- the front bit with some buttons- I am still deciding what to do with this- I am sure some inspiration will hit soon.

I have taken photos in a step by step process of how to make the pants from the sleeves which I will do up as a tutorial and post later.

Here is B5 here modelling his new pants and hat. He looks like a little elf with his new top I picked up Op Shopping with Erin last week, while the big kids went to Knights Club.

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