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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fabric buckets

I have been making fabric buckets. I was inspired by the ones on Wisecraft and then I saw Maya made's buckets I have made 3 with the same fabrics. I have no idea if I am doing them right but I just tried to work it out by looking at the pictures. The original one I made using a serving dish to trace the base and then I just used a rectangle piece of fabric with the same circumference as the circle. I made two of these buckets and then turned one in the right way and put them inside each other. I folded the edges down so that you could see the inside bucket peeking out the top. I made fabric handles with the inside fabric as well. I pinned them in between the two buckets and then sewed around the top to join them. The second one I used a dinner plate for the base and made it taller (this was due to fabric restrictions) and the third I used a bread and butter plate. The kids love them. One has the wooden blocks in it, one the musical instruments and the small one will probably hold the wooden farm set or some bean bags. I am thinking of making some square ones for shoe storage next. But my big project at the moment is to make some new directors chair covers out of old white sheets- wish me luck!

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  1. These are fantastic Deanne, totally going to try and make some myself now! Well done!


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