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Monday, November 18, 2013

my favourite foodie blogs and websites

We have had our main computer blow up in some lightening strikes last week.
I was in town at the time and I asked B2 and B3 who were home, 
why they hadn't turned the computer off in the storm, 
but apparently it wasn't even storming at the time! 
Thankfully, B2 is a bit of a computer wizz and was able to put my hard drive into another computer and do some updates and all sorts of stuff, now we just need to get the other computer fixed and put it all back in and it will be sweet, in the meantime I have a computer to work from for which I am grateful.

So today....
I have been wanting to share with you for some time some of my favourite blogs and websies that are into clean food, healthy eating, some are gluten or grain free and where I often get recipes from to try.
The other thing about them is that they are Australian,
 well there is one New Zealand site, but near enough to count!
The reason why I like these sites is that because they are local, I know I should be able to get the ingredients, nothing like finding a recipe and then not being able to source the ingredients- teff flour anyone!
The recipes are simple and use fresh ingredients.
They are in our seasons, nothing like finding a recipe and then realising that the fruit or vegetable won't be in season for another six months, by which time you forget to try the recipe!
They also use Australian measurements, no converting from pounds or Fahrenheit! 
In no particular order:

Greek Salad Graded A-5784
This is Therese Cutters site also known as the healthy chef.

Doesn't this look yummy and would you believe this is actually sugar free and full of healthy ingredients,
 I am making some of this today as a trial for Christmas.
This is from Sarah Wilson's, I quit sugar website, found here:

Another favourite is Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food.
She has just released a kids cookbook too.

PCMonkeyBread Shot Sandwich
This is a new to me website, but Tania is from the Sunshine Coast and is quite well known in that area for her grain free recipes and cookbooks.
I actually made this bread and it was very nice.

Finally our New Zealand friend, Eleanor from Petite Kitchen.

Why not pop over and spend some time having a look at some of the delicious recipes these ladies produce, they may become your favourites too!


  1. Off to check out your foodies recs.
    Kuddos to B2, very very clever lad. Tis how D fixed my computer too:) yes my hard drive has been resurrected!

  2. Some great looking blogs there Deanne, lots of inspiration. Isn't it wonderful having computer savvy children!

  3. What a great post and just what I am looking for- thank you :)


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