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Monday, November 11, 2013

kids collection

Just thought I would round up my market coverage by showing you some lovely kids items I did.
The table and chairs were originally made by VCH when our oldest two were little.
 They have been redeemed several times in their life,
 however as all our children have grown out of kid's tables and we don't have room to store furniture for years on end waiting to give them to grandchildren or such, I decided it was time to pass them on.

Here they are previously in The Girl's room.
So for it's final makeover I chose to keep the white that they had been painted and to just give them a good distressing and a good scrub.

I then recovered the seats in an aqua polka dot Mexican oil cloth.

The table top I repainted in a light aqua and lightly distressed it.

 The other cute item I did was to redeem two old bedside tables into a little retro kitchen.
The tops were an old laminate so perfect for a kitchen.

I painted the sides on both and front on one with Rustoleum's 2x sun yellow.
VCH made the backs and the oven door and I painted them and the legs in grey. 
An old tap and a metal bowl were added to make a sink unit and I finished it with a cute curtain.
The oven dials were from an old BBQ, that the kind man at the dump gave me, and the hotplates are old CD's painted black.
VCH fixed the handle on the oven after the photo was taken.

They were greatly admired at the markets and went home with a new owners.

By Stephanie Lynn



  1. Going home with new owners to be loved and played with all over again. The work you do is wonderful Deanne.

  2. YOUR a Dream maker girly. I LOVE IT ALL and what a fabulous job you did on all of it . I love a great UPCYCLE and your master it . HUGS and much love, Sherry

  3. Wow, you're amazing. How do you keep up with 2 blogs!? I'm flat out getting my one done. Ha ha. Fabulous stuff. - Sharon.

  4. Well I started this one 5 years ago and blogging lead me to my business, but I wanted a business website that was just a showcase for the stuff I did and not personal to direct clients to, I knew how to make a blog, so that's what I did. The other is only updated when I want to show my stuff, this one is more regular!

  5. I bet it was hard letting the kids table and chairs go after so much love in your family, but I get you on the storage issue.

    I love what you did with the kitchen set. It's just so creative.

  6. I love the cupboards to kitchen makeover. I would have loved that when I was little, I used to like turning a cardboard box into a little oven with scissors and my felt pens! SOOO much nicer than a plastic toy kitchen.

  7. how cute is that kitchen set! I love the legs on those pieces.

  8. What a fun kitchen set!! My girls would love this, you did such a great job!! Thank you so much for linking up to my Furniture and Paint Party!! Hope to see you again tonight!!


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