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Monday, October 28, 2013

some redeemed goss


 Hi all, I am up to my eyeballs getting all my "redeemed" stuff ready for a big market this Saturday. 
I promise I will be back with lots of photos to share, providing blogger will let me upload them- still having issues in this area! 
Anyway I am popping by to share with you a post that I have on my redeemed website 
 -saves me having to rewrite it and try to upload all the piccies! 
So here it is, all about something that I have been doing for the last couple of months but had to keep a lid on it until now!
I will be back next week with all the news!

Oh and hey- while your here pop over to my "redeemed" FB page and like it too- if you don't already!


  1. All the best at the markets!!!

  2. Hope that you did awesome at the Market. I love this vanity.. TOO cute..


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