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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

sugar free products available in supermarkets

 Since we have been trying to cut out excess sugar from our diet over the last year or so certain things became non entities in our home. 
The first causality was BBQ and Tomato sauces.
Normally BBQ sauce contains around 50% sugar even more than tomato sauce at around 25%.
I have bought in the past a reduced sugar version to serve at parties, 
but then our local supermarket stopped stocking it. 
I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks back when I happened to spy these sauces on the shelves. 
I quickly looked at the ingredients and saw that they were sweetened with stevia- a natural sugar alternative.
Into the trolley they went and we tested them out. 
They are made by Fountain, a well known brand and they passed the taste test, I couldn't tell any difference to the sugar version. 
If you are looking for a sugar free sauce to save you time in making your own, you can try these ones.

Another sugar free product that we use in our home are these drink mixes, also sweetened with stevia.
Actually the kids only usually use the chocolate version (basically the ingredients are only stevia and cocoa powder) and we use a lot less than what is recommended on the back of the pack- 1 heaped teaspoonful in a hot chocolate is plenty, or you can use it in cold milk like Milo.

 The strawberry version I bought for VCH to have instead of buying commercial strawberry milk that is loaded with sugar, he will occasionally have a glass after the kids are in bed. 
The banana version the kids asked for as a school holiday treat and we even used some to make a banana ice cream, I also used this to make the banana milk at B5's monkey party.
Now you can also buy an adult version of the chocolate one in the supermarkets by the same company and when I compared the ingredients and nutritional ingredients they look to be exactly the same,
 the difference the adult version is about $1.50 more!

Great to see that companies are now realising that there is a market for sugar free and catering for it with a healthier alternative to chemical sweeteners that are not good for you.

These products are still used as a special treat in our home and are not consumed on a daily basis.


  1. that is really interesting.i am trying to cut down on the amount of sugar our little boy has and he loves sauce so I will definaletly be buying these-thanks-love dee x

  2. May I ask which supermarket you found the sauces in? We have one in particular who loves his BBQ sauce, but we don't like all the sugar.

  3. Love that they are trying to come up with sugar free options for us now days. I will have to keep an eye out for those... I actually made some sugar free tomato sauce the other day, and the four year old loved. I was so surprised, will have to do it more often! xx

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