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Friday, July 26, 2013

stop the press...

I have two other posts that are half complete but I just can't not share this with you now!
I have had to stop the press to show you this instead!
I got this gorgeous lounge the other day.
A girlfriend and I went to an op shop after an SRE course on Friday, 
I was looking at some chairs that another friend had alerted me to that I had been looking for.
We looked at them, but there were six and I really only wanted two - they didn't want to split the set, and because I am overflowing with furniture until VCH builds my shed I was reluctant to buy the six even though they were a decent price, I said I would think about it.
But while we were there we also saw an absolutely gorgeous old lounge with rattan sides and lovely curved legs,
 it was beautiful and I loved it, 
but I am no upholsterer and not much of a sewer either, 
so after a bit of deliberation I also left it there.
Monday I was going about my business when I got a phone call from a potential client, 
who would be wanting quite a few things and possibly a lot of chairs.
This led me to start to rethink whether or not I needed those chairs.
Bright and early Tuesday morning I hotfooted it into the op shop knowing that there was a good chance they were still there as they are shut on Monday's.
Yes they were! 
 I bought the six and then had coffee with my friend at the coffee shop attached and we debated about the lounge and debated and went and had another look, 
I rang VCH and asked if he would pick it up for me and after he said yes I paid for it.
How much you ask?
Yes you heard me right for the whole set, a three seater lounge and the two chairs.
VCH couldn't bring them home on Tuesday because he had a delivery to do, 
but they came home on Wednesday night and I took some photos yesterday.

So after my ramble I suppose you want to see the photos...

 ta da!!!!

 The fabric is quite worn, 

but the rattan is in perfect condition.

Now I just have to take for heart in my hands and actually sew some new slip covers, I am just waiting to see if my new clients want it and if so I will paint it up how they want, if not I am thinking soft grey paint and white slip covers.


  1. Daunting, but I'm sure you can do it!

  2. they'll look great painted and recovered!

  3. my mum had one of these lounge suites years ago and she had it recovered it cost her almost $1000 to recover but gosh it looked good I cant wait to see how this turns out for you-love dee x

  4. Oh, its gorgeous Deanne. My sister was just saying the other day she was looking for something like this. Do you deliver to Brisbane? LOL

    Anne xx

  5. It's gorgeous and will look even more gorgeous when you finish with it. I'm always surprised at the items you find so cheaply!

  6. It will be,lovely when you are finished with it.


  7. oh what a find! i can't wait to see it when you are through with it!

  8. I cant believe that was only $35.WOW Amazingly cheap.


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