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Monday, April 1, 2013

easter highlights

Just a quick pop in with a few photos of our Easter highlights.
We had a very simple Easter this year, no baking, no Easter crafts, no making gifts.
We pared in back and kept to the bare minimum, 
because today we are having a birthday party at our place to celebrate our two oldest boys 16th and 18th birthdays.
I didn't want to over stress myself and wanted to keep everything simple, 
we have been busy finishing a few projects for our entertaining area and getting the kids kitchen finished and out of here!
I will be showing you our entertaining area soon, but first here is our Easter.
All photos are straight off the camera- I have no time for editing today!

 My one and only purchase for Easter this year was these two bunnies from Woolworths.
The Easter egg tree was easy to do, just a stick in a jug with sand and place eggs on it- 10 minutes!

I changed my blackboard trays to appropriate Easter messages and put our Easter Lambs here.

 The entry way has a quick scrabble message,

and my favourite lamb and some of the eggs I made last year.

 This was also the very last Easter Egg hunt with all our children.
Now that he is 18, B1 has been disqualified- we let him sneak one last one in, seeing his birthday was only last week.

We have been doing this egg hunt in our garden since we moved out here and have never had a problem with the eggs, this year we lost two eggs to the wildlife! 
Must be some chocolate loving bandicoots or something out there!

 We finally got around to curing our new pizza oven and enjoyed our first GF pizzas in it!

They were delicious with a lovely smokey flavour!

 Hope you all had a Happy Easter and remembered that Christ is Risen!

Will be back with some party highlights and some new projects to share!


  1. What a great family. Gorgeous. Happy birthday to the boys.

  2. I love the photo of all your children lined up in order Deanne. Have a wonderful double celebration day today.

  3. looks like a great weekend.. i love the easter egg tree!!

  4. Happy Easter. Those pizzas look amazing.

  5. Looks like a really lovely Easter. Can't believe you have your own woodfireplace. how awesome do the pizzas look!


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