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Monday, November 12, 2012

makeover of a different kind

Normally I blog about makeovers of the furniture or decorating kind.
But this makeover is of the kid kind.

This is B3 on his birthday on Tuesday.
Notice the messy "rock star" hair.

This is what he looks like now.
You may ask why he has gone from a rock star look to a skin head look?

Army regulations!
B3 has decided to join the army cadets and when he fronted up last Wednesday night to try it out, 
the first thing he was told was that if he wanted to join he had to have a haircut number 4 or shorter, 
they go under army regulations.
So he tried it out and came home and said it was OK, but boring at times.

Then he thought about it some more and on Thursday night he asked me to cut his hair.
I couldn't find the number 4 blade so he got a number 3.
 It was a big step.
He has had longer hair for a number of years, it was part of his look, part of him.
I knew there would come a day when he would need to have shorter hair- thinking a job here!
Didn't think it would be for this reason.
He is also taking a leap of faith that this cadet thing is going to work out, 
he might go for a few more weeks and decide it is not for him.
But as I said to him- hair will always grow back - eventually!

But I am secretly hoping he will love it as I think it will do him the world of good!


  1. amazing what a difference hair makes. my son always has a number 4 cut. it suits him better and it's very easy. all the best for cadets!

  2. Oh wow - what a difference! Hopefully he'll get into it more with a bit of time. He's obviously committed to it given the willingness to chop off his hair. x

  3. A big difference. Good luck with the cadets.

  4. My 14 yo son also joined caets at the beginning of the year, tonight rntis his last March and we are all going to watch him. Robbie also got his hair cut short, has joined the cadets band, and has done a leaders test to go on and be a leader. At first is was hard as he wanted to join but thought it wasn't cool....One thing he has learnt is to be himslef and not care what others think about him...
    I hope your boy enjoys it as much as mine is....It is a great thing and I think all boys should try cadets.

  5. Happy birthday to your son, and I think he looks a lot older now, and more mature!! Hope it works out for him.

  6. The difference between a good and bad hair cut is about 2 weeks. Looks pretty good to me.


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