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Thursday, November 22, 2012

bunting love

I love bunting!
I fell in love with bunting 4 years ago when I first came across homemade bunting in The Creative Family book. 
I immediately rushed out and bought some green and pink fabric and made some bunting for The Girl's room, also used here for her garden party.
Then I made several lots of bunting for kids for their birthdays,
including this gorgeous one I made for B3 out of op shopped Hawaiian shirts.
Then there was the one out of newspaper for B5's circus party and let's not forget the map bunting I did for the study.

For ages I have been collecting doillies at the op shops so that I could make some bunting.
Yesterday, was the day I got my act together and actually made some to sell.

I made two white ones like this.

I made this one out of linen and fabric doillies, using some pretty bias binding I got from Fabric Traders

 I also made one of these out of music sheets as I sold out at the last markets.

Here is the map version.

 Then I made this one out of vintage Christmas sacks that I picked up at the op shop,
 I have enough to make two more.
I have done a tutorial on how to make this type of bunting as it can be a little fiddly, 
but it will last for years to come,
 and will be back next week to show you how it is done!

Do you love bunting too?

I am off to make a gluten free, sugar free Pecan Pie to take to a Thanksgiving dinner we are going to tonight.
I am so excited, I have never been to Thanksgiving before!
The host family moved from the US at the end of last year and have just bought a house, 
so they have invited our church to celebrate with them, it should be a great night!

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  1. Deanne they are all gorgeous. You are really flying with the market stall thingy and it's a joy to watch. I particularly like the one with embroidery. My mum has a cupboard full of that she did as a young girl, but I doubt she would allow me to do much with it.


    1. I have seen on pinterest some very pretty table runners made with doilies and if you just put a stitch or 2 in them, you could easily pull it apart again and not wreck your mum's hard work!

  2. wow.. you've been busy. i really love the doily buntings you made the most!

  3. Love it! The doily one is gorgeous, but I'm keen on maps so I think it's my favourite.

  4. Love the buntings Deanne. Enjoy your first thanksgiving party. You will have to share your recipe for pecan pie

  5. Your bunting is gorgeous Deanne! I love it almost as much as I love pecan pie ;0) Hope you had fun at the Thanksgiving dinner
    C x

  6. I LOVE the bunting.
    I'm thinking of attempting this or maybe a table runner ;O)
    Tania xx

  7. Love them all. You have inspired me to use some of my old doilies! x

  8. i just bought my first ever bunting. made out of vintage doilies like yours (i have very little patience hence not attempting it myself!)...I love it and it was hung within seconds....makes such a difference to the room.
    Allison x

  9. They are all gorgoeus Deanne... especially love the lace doily one. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

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