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Friday, October 12, 2012

postcards from scenic norfolk

Whutta-waye? (how are you in Norf'k)

Here are a few scenic shots from around the island
The water is so clear and blue, no pollution anywhere.
And of course the Norfolk pines are everywhere!

Will be back with more of Norf'k  on Satdy (Saturday) and will maybe even  fill you in a bit on life on the island, I am hilli (lazy, can't be bothered) today!


  1. I'm feeling hilli too today. Love your beautiful photos.

  2. Top spot.
    I seem to remember bussup means broken as in busted up.
    I remember writing in the guest book where I was staying on Norfolk as a 12 year old. "My heart is bussup at having to leave."

  3. Looking at those coastlines I can't help but think about how the convicts must have felt like they were totally marooned, a beautiful island that they probably didn't appreciate (understandably)
    Looks so peaceful and attractive now!

  4. It looks wonderful and relaxing Deanne. Maybe I'll get to visit one day too. Looking forward to seeing more photos soon.

  5. enjoyed the pics and tour.. :)



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