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Friday, September 7, 2012

friday favourites- coconut oil

 I love coconut oil!
It is so versatile and has so many uses!

I use it as a moisturizer, on my face, on my body, in my hair.
I even clean my teeth with it!

I use it in cooking.
I have several recipes that use coconut oil in place of butter,
my favourite is of course this brownie recipe.
 I use it to make ice magic for our ice cream sundaes.
 Roasted sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin are all simply lovely cooked in coconut oil.

 I also fry my fish in coconut oil, it gives it a lovely flavour.

 When I am making a smoothie I like to melt some coconut oil and add it to the blender as it is going- down the little hole,

 it gives the smoothie a fantastic flavour and it is so good for you.
I have started a pinterest board called coconut oil love
pop over there for some great links for uses and benefits to using coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not cheap but if you can buy it in bulk you can get it much cheaper.
I found a company on the Gold Coast that imports it from Fiji and packages it.
When we went up to see the Mummy exhibition at Brisbane Museum back in May we called in on the way and I bought 5x 4L buckets.
4 other friends all took a bucket and we ended up paying $30 for each bucket.
I am starting to get low and will need to think about getting some more soon.

Do you use coconut oil?
What is your favourite use?


  1. Thanks for putting me onto it. I've started to research it. Like the sound of home made ice-magic.

  2. hi deanne.. i love your uses for coconut oil! it's the only oil i use for cooking now. my daughter, studying nutrition always tells me about the benefits. i love the flavour.. sometimes i eat spoonfuls of it. it's a good idea to use instead of butter.

  3. Hi Deanne. Thanks for this info, I have used it for cooking before but that's about it. Must get some more.
    Have a great weekend!
    Cas x

  4. Oh wow! Really mouth-watering! The versatility of coconut oil is also the reason why it is one of my favorites. Been baking and cooking so many times and coconut oil is always one of my best ingredients. And yes. Adding it to your smoothie really gives it a fantastic flavour. I've tried it many times as well.

  5. Love the idea of cooking with this. Looks like you have an excuse to go bake to the Gold Coast.
    All you food looks and sounds fab.

  6. Bargain price Deanne! We've recently started using a little. We make "healthy chocolate" by mixing some cacao powder, a little coconut sugar, desiccated coconut and some coconut oil together in a cup, then eat with a teaspoon.

    1. I make something similar, if you spread it on a tray lined with baking paper, once it sets you can break it into pieces and eat it like chocolate.

    2. Do you bake it Deanne or does it set at room temp?

    3. You just pop it into the freezer for a few minutes to set it.

  7. Hi Deanne who'd have known you could clean your teeth with coconut oil or put it in a smoothie....l do remember laying around the pool smothered in it many moons ago haha!! Thanks for the great tips.

  8. Hi Deanne I use the same brand that I used to get from a lady at the Sunny Coast...I will have to get on to yours though so much cheaper...I make my soap using the coconut oil...We also have a tub in the bath room for personal use...As yet I have not use it for cooking but I am going to give it a go...

  9. I've never used it for cooking but can imagine it would give great flavour to fish and desserts must give it a go!
    Penny x

  10. I've never used it - but gotta love something you can even brush your teeth with!!

  11. Thanks for the info. I haven't tried it yet, but will.


  12. Thanks for the info. I haven't tried it yet, but will.


  13. I use it a lot now too Deanne. I haven't used it for my teeth, yet, but will remember that one.

    Anne xx


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