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Monday, June 18, 2012

busy mum menu plan

I have just done my menu plan for the week up and printed it off to put on the fridge so I thought I would do a quick share with you.

Mondays as you know is fish night here
so I will buy some fish when I am in town for the drop offs and pick ups this afternoon and cook it when I get home.
This is what we had a couple of weeks ago - local luderick (blackfish) and quinoa salad

Tuesday will be Beach Cottage's Chicken curry done in the crockpot and rice.
We tried this a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit.
 This will be B4's night to cook - he is taking over from B1 who is working full-time at the moment,
he is very excited to be taking over the cooking on Tuesdays- I will of course be on hand to help him and teach him how to cook some easy recipes- he loves to cook so this should be no problem.

Wednesday will be marinated pork rashers and coleslaw (B2 cooks)

Thursday will be upside down potato and onion tart served with a salad (B3 cooks)

Friday will be a minestrone style soup done in the crockpot.

Saturday we will be out, but if we were home it would be a BBQ usually steak but sometimes lamb or pork with boiled potatoes in their jackets and salad

and Sunday night is Pizza night- Gluten Free/grain free and homemade- I will post my recipe soon

 Baking will be some of these Anzac biscuits

Our menus are fairly standard-a variation of, fish, chicken, vegetarian, some sort of quiche or tart, a crockpot meal or two, BBQ Saturday Night, Pizza Sunday.
Children have a night each to cook depending on who is out at what and who is home.
So there you have it how this busy mum organises her menu each week.

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  1. HI I also write up a dinner plan for each week. I used to try and wing it but it's much easier to have a rough plan and shop accordingly. Like the look of your quinoa salad - will have a little look at it now.

  2. Will have to try a couple of those they look great


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