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Thursday, March 22, 2012

red quinoa and sweet potato salad

I have made this several times now and it is just delicious, everyone loves it!
It started off one night when I was thinking of something to go with the chicken we were having for tea.
I had some red quinoa that I had wanted to try
(I also have some black- but haven't got that far yet)
I had heaps of sweet potato because our local fruit and veg had them on special for 99 cents a kilo, so I bought a box and then another box.
I thought maybe quinoa and sweet potato would be nice together, so I googled and there were tonnes of recipes, so I made up my own, as you do.
This is a bit throw it all in, so just bear with me!
First I peeled a sweet potato and cut it into cubes, drizzled with some EVOO and roasted it in my oven, roasted sweet potato is so yummy!!!
I also sliced the sides off a red capsicum and put that in to roast until the skin blistered.
Meanwhile cook 1 cup of quinoa (you can use any colour)- will make 3 cups of cooked.
When all was ready I peeled the skin off the capsicum and sliced it finely, sliced some shallots from the garden, toasted some macadamia nuts and threw it all together.
For the dressing I used a little raspberry vinegar, rice malt syrup and olive oil and shook them together in a jar and then poured it over the top and tossed it through.
Sprinkle some extra macadamias on top and some herbs, 
(I think I used parsley, but coriander or mint are nice as well) 
to make it look professional pretty.

It is super nice with chicken, but I and going to try it with fish soon and can imagine it would be nice with lamb too!

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